How it works - Learn how easy it is to Drive a new Car from R599p/m

We have two unique options to choose from:

Option 1: Earn While You Own

Earn R3000 for every car sold through your unique code

The first option known as 'Earn while you own' has a minimum qualifications mileage of 500km's per month. This will earn the ASP (advertising service provider) R570 pm, furthermore the Blue Lakes Group will reward the ASP for any vehicle sold from his or her unique code. The unique code is an identifier code that links the vehicle advertisement to the owner of the vehicle. Should a vehicle be sold from the clients unique code the client will receive an astonishing R3000. That is R3000 per car sold, for every car sold!

The reward program is completely transparent and the client can at any stage log into his or her personal web portal and view the amount of cars that have been sold as a result of the client’s unique identifier code.

As this innovative marketing initiative still involves an R570 advertising fee to be paid out to the client, the client is expected to submit only two photos. The first photo must display the odometer proving that a minimum of 500km's have been traveled during the month. The second photo must be of the rear of the vehicle ensuring Blue Lakes that the advertising material is still in good condition.

The Earn While You Own advertising option thus allows small business owners to advertise their own business on the front and sides of the vehicle where option number two does not. We have achieved great success with this recommended initiative with monthly payouts of up to R15 000 to a variety of clients. A high percentage of clients prefer this advertising option as it allows them to earn an additional income, and can effortlessly result in them driving a new car for next to free.

For more details, please watch the Earn While You Own Video.

Option 2: Earn While You Drive

The most affordable way to drive a new car

The second option known as 'Earn while you drive' involves the ASP (advertising service provider), being compensated on a kilometer exposure rate. This rate varies on a sliding scale depending on the monthly kilometers traveled with the purchased vehicle. The AF (advertising fee) that is paid out to the client is calculated as a percentage of the repayment amount of the car and will fluctuate as the national interest rate changes.
Should the ASP (advertising service provider) drive more than 2000km's per month he or she will receive 100% of the advertising fee for that month. Any distance traveled between 1500km’s - 2000km's for the month will ensure 85% of the AF, 1000km’s - 1500km's ensures 75% of the AF, while 500km’s - 1000km's obtains 65% of the AF.

For an even more simple explanation, click here.
The client’s kilometer exposure for each individual month determines the percentage of the AF that will be paid out to the client for that month. Note that the amount paid out to the client will fluctuate as the national interest rate changes.

For Example:
Kilometers Drive Per month Payout Per Month
More than 2000km's per month = 100% AF
1500km's - 2000km's per month = 85% AF
1000km's - 1500km's per month = 75% AF
500km's - 1000km's per month = 65% AF

In order to claim the AF the ASP must provide the necessary proof that the marketing material is in good condition and that the car it is displayed on has no accident damage. This proof must be in the form of five digital photos displaying a digital date and then to be uploaded onto the Blue Lakes web portal. The five photos must consist of a photo displaying the front, left and right hand sides of the car, as well as the rear of the car, clearly displaying the advertising material in good condition. The fifth photo must show the odometer as proof of the amount of kilometers that have been traveled during the month.

These photos MUST be taken and uploaded between the 1st and the 7th of every month.

Please see the Instructional Video for a clear step by step user guide.